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One-on-One Training

Individual training is great for kids of all ages. We introduce kids to new and creative moves and dribbling techniques that can be used on the basketball court as well as fine tuning the skills that he/she may already have. With this being the age of AAU Basketball, we feel kids are not getting the proper one-on-one instruction needed to perform in certain situations that college coaches look for in their recruitments. DeJuan Wheat has assembled a professional staff of basketball minds who have won state high school basketball championships in the state of Kentucky; all have attended and played college basketball and most have played either overseas or in the NBA. One thing that separates DeJuan Wheat Sports from the rest is that after your kids train with us, we continue a relationship with them through an occasional email and/or phone call encouraging them to continue to stay focused and remember to use the things that they were taught. Also we may attend a game and/or a practice to do a live evaluation of your kids' progress as a courtesy.


         Message from DeJuan:

"I'm looking forward to working with boys and girls this spring and summer. Most players and parents forget the importance of the off season. What they do in the off season contributes a major role in the success they have during the regular basketball season. Winners Train; Losers Complain. Let's be winners!!!" 

A typical workout consists of:
  • Dribbling Drills
  • Passing Drills
  • Defensive Drills
  • Shooting Drills
  • Position Work (depending on the player's position of G, SG, F, or C)
  • Tips for when players shoot alone
 *Both payment and registration form (below) must be received before your session(s) can be scheduled.
Individual Workouts
1 session - $40.00
2 sessions - $75.00
3 sessions - $110.00
4 sessions - $155.00
5 sessions - $180.00  BEST VALUE
Individual Sessions
Group Workouts
2 persons - $95.00 each session
3 persons - $135.00 each session
4 persons - $180.00 each session
5 persons/team - $225.00 each session  BEST VALUE
Group Workouts-1 Session
Workout Passes
Bronze Pass - 6 sessions for $280.00
Silver Pass - 18 sessions for $756.00
Gold Pass - 36 sessions for $1400.00
Workout Passes
Please complete the form below and pay fees via credit/debit card or make your money order/cashiers check payable to DeJuan Wheat Sports and mail to PO Box 211123, Louisville, KY 40221 
One-on-One Training Registration Form:
Release/Waiver: I hereby authorize the directors/workers of the DeJuan Wheat Sports to act accordingly and to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention for my child/ward. Also, I hereby waive and release the DeJuan Wheat Sports from any and all liabilities for any injuries and/or illnesses incurred while my child/ward is being trained. I hereby warrant that my child/ward is in good physical condition for training.


Contact Us:
PO Box 211123, Louisville, KY 40221